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How long are high school football games? [Duration]

Most people want to know the duration of a high school football game. You are indeed at a reliable place for relevant information. There are many thoughts on the high school football game deadline.

Football matches are commonly played in less time than NFL and college football games for many reasons. However, to put an end to everyone’s speculations, I will tell you how long high school football lasts and some additional pertinent information today.

You need to read the content to understand the duration of high school football games as well as other information.

How long are high school football matches?


Generally, a high school football game lasts 2 hours-2 and a half an hour long. These periods include pre-game activities, halftime, and post-game events.

However, the main game has a total length of 48 minutes. While other games have 15-minute quarters, this game has 4 quarters of 12 minutes each. But playing time can increase based on time outs, injuries, penalties,  and overtime.

How long are high school football matches

Why Are High School Football Games Time So Short?


There are many reasons responsible for the short-time high school football game. Such as:

The Health of players: To consider the health of high school football players the game time may be short.

High school players are children in terms of age and are not yet professional players. While an experienced football player can play with enough time and effort, But, high school football players cannot do it.

Because they have developed their strength and endurance over many years. On the other hand, High school players spend their fast steps building their strength and endurance. So playing for a long time can be harmful to their health.

Halftime shows: The second reason high school football games are short is that they feature short halftime shows. You already know that a high school football game lasts longer than a football game in the NFL or college.

Because the time for the halftime show of this game is fixed and the length of the halftime show is very short.

Less Formal: Another reason for the shorter playing time of football is that it is less formal than other sports. As mentioned, NFL and college football players consider their game as the ultimate and take the game very seriously to prove their performance.

The high school football players Don’t take the play seriously. Because only a hand-counted few consider the game important while everyone else plays it as a hobby.

Only some of the High school football players play the football match seriously ahead of the next program but others play the game just for fun. For this reason, the game is less formal, so the action doesn’t have to stop for a long time.

Lack of commercials: Lack of commercials is one of the main reasons for football being short. You may be aware that the maximum number of high school football games are not broadcast on Television. And because the game doesn’t need ad breaks, the game is shorter.

When an NFL or college football game is played, the game gets a lot of sponsorship and they need commercial breaks for that. And a high school football game has no interruptions other than timeouts, so the game can run continuously with fewer stops. That means a quarter of 12 minutes is completed without any stoppage.


What Determines How Long a Football Game Will Be?


 The last of a high school football depends on several factors. Those reasons are gathered below:

Weather: Bad weather can cause a delay in football game time and the game is likely to be longer. The majority of other games are held outdoors, while NFL games are held indoors. This results in delays in play in the event of snow, rain, and lightning.

When it rains or snows, water builds up on the field and the player can’t handle the ball properly. Again, there is a possibility of serious injury if the players are near the goalpost in case of lightning. So the football game can last longer due to adverse weather conditions.

Injury: In the game of football, any player can get injured at any time so the medical team is kept ready. when a person sustains a serious injury or sports injury and falls to the ground.

After that, play slows down for a few minutes, and once the player can play again, the game resumes. If the player is injured seriously, they add some time to the game duration. 

Penalties: Fine means a penalty. When a penalty is given in a football game, the game is immediately stopped. The severity of the penalty and the opinion of the coach or the referee determine how much more time is added to the game. This time may exceed one minute.

Halftime Show: Halftime is usually twelve to fifteen minutes long. However, due to some special reasons, this time may be prolonged. One of the reasons football games last so long is the halftime show.

Timeouts: Each team gets three timeouts per half in a football game. This time they can spend on various things like discussing game strategy or whatever. This time-out adds several minutes to the game and increases the game time.


Q: How long does a hs football match last?

A: The duration of a hs football match is approximately two hours to two and a half hours.


Q: How long is halftime during a high school football game?

A: Halftime is typically 12-15 minutes long.


Q: How long are timeouts during a high school football game?

A: Each team is allowed three timeouts per half, which are each 60 seconds long.


Q: During A hs football match how long are the breaks Between quarters?

A: The breaks between quarters are typically around 2 minutes long.


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