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Can you hurdle in high school football?

Hurdling is an effective technique for a football player. But it is quite risky. Which can cause physical harm to both the ball carrier and the opponent. But, there are some terms and conditions for using hurdles.

Because high school football players are so young. Any kind of risk is harmful to them. So hurdling can be very serious for them. That’s why if a high school football player wants o do hurdling. He must know its rules.

Let’s know the details of hurdles in high school football.

What is hurdling?


Hurdling is a must-know for those involved with football. Hurdling is when a player jumps in the air to avoid a defender in football. In simple terms, hurdling is a known technique to avoid tackles and gain extra yards.

But it can be risky for both players. When the ball carrier jumps over the defender. Both of them may get hurt. So before adopting the hurdling technique it is necessary to master its rules.

Is hurdling illegal in high school football?


The legality of hurdling in football depends on the level of play. and the specific rules governing the game.

In college football and the NFL, there are restrictions. When a ball carrier can hurdle a defender. A ball carrier may not hurdle a defender who is already standing upright. The ball carrier can attempt to hurdle the defender if they are on the ground or have a lower center of gravity.

In high school football, the rules about hurdling are similar. but may vary by state or local association. As a rule, a ball transporter isn’t permitted to start contact with their cap. while endeavoring to jump, and the move is lawful in the event. That the protector is on the ground or has a brought-down focus of gravity

Rules of hurdling in high school football


  • In high school football, hurdling is not allowed. And is an illegal move. The Associations (NFHS) from jumping over an opponent to avoid a tackle or gain more yards.
  • According to NFHS Football Rules 1-2-3a and 9-4-3g. “Hurdling is an attempt by a player to jump (hurdle) with one or both feet or knees foremost over an opponent. who is contacting the ground with no part of his body except one or both feet? It is illegal to hurdle an opponent.”
  • If a player hurdles an opponent, the play will be close. and a penalty will. The offender can also be out of the game for hurling, which carries a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.

Why is Hurdling a serious offense?


Player Safety: Hurling can be dangerous for both the defender and the player. If the hurdling player mistimes their jump or does not clear the defender. They risk serious injury from a collision with the defender. Additionally, the defender may also hunt. If they attempt to make a tackle.

Unfair Advantage: Hurdling can give the offensive player an unfair advantage. by allowing them to bypass defenders without touch. This goes against the principles of fair play in football. Where players can get permits to advance. the ball by navigating past defenders or breaking tackles.

Rules Violation: Because hurling is against football rules. It could get you disqualified from the game and get you punished. The offending player and their team are both affected by this. As they may lose yardage or possession of the ball as a result of the penalty.

Penalties for hurdling in high school football


False identity: It could be a personal foul if a player leaps over an opponent. and comes into contact with the defender.

This results in a 15-yard penalty against the offending player’s team and a loss of down.

Unsporting behavior: Assuming the jumping move is end with the goal to harm the safeguard. it tends to view as an unsportsmanlike lead. This results in the opposing team receiving a 15-yard penalty and the player is out of the game.

Downfield, ineligible receiver: If a receiver who is not eligible to receive a pass. like an offensive lineman, leaps over a defender to catch a pass. it can result in a downfield penalty for an ineligible receiver. This results in a 5-yard penalty and a loss of down.

FAQs About hurdle in high school football


Q: Is hurdling legal in high school football?

A: Yes, hurdling is legal in high school football, but there are rules governing its use. A ball carrier is only allowed to hurdle a defender. The player is on the ground or has a lowered center of gravity. and they are not allowed to start contact with their helmet during a hurdle attempt.

Q: Can a ball carrier hurdle a defender who is standing upright?

A: No, a ball carrier is not allowed to hurdle a defender who is standing upright. This can result in a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct or “leaping” and the play will be dead.

Q: How can coaches and officials promote the safe and legal use of hurdling in high school football?

A: Coaches and officials can promote the safe and legal use of hurdling. by teaching and enforcing proper techniques. and ensuring that players understand the rules governing its use. They can also watch and penalize. any unsafe or illegal use of the technique to promote player safety and fair play

In conclusion, Hopefully, now you know all info about the hurdle in high school football. If want to know more about other topics of football, So, Stay on this site. 


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